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Gay Couple with their Daughter

Parenting is a joyous season of life but can often feel frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming.  There is always a new challenge to conquer or important issue to maneuver.  And on top of that, there is always a new book, article, blog to keep up on that will tell you just what you should be doing.  There are so many different experts to turn to for help and advice, and they can all contradict each other, it is no wonder that you are left feelings lost. 


Being able to have a space to explore and discover your optimal parent that best fits with your family culture can be the best support.  I love being able to walk alongside parents as they work to achieve a more harmonious relationship with their children.  Whether we are learning, implementing, and supporting you in the leading parentings strategies, listening to your concerns, fears, and joys in parenting, or helping you to find balance in your life as a parent and human, I aim to hold you so you can hold your child.  

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