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Therapy Services

Infants & Toddlers
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Children & Teens

Every family faces challenges from time to time, and needs a little extra help to make the transition to the next season of life more successfully together.  I focus on working with families struggling with childhood anxiety, depression, ADHD, attachment, emotional regulation and tantrums, sleep issues, trauma, ASD concerns, sensory integration concerns, family and sibling conflict, school behaviors, parenting concerns, and/or family life transitions.  Each family is unique and struggles with different aspects of being a team unit, I strive to come alongside your family to help create more harmony and understanding so your family can thrive!  Through a collaborative process I work with individuals and families to strengthen skills already possessed, develop new ones, offer new perspectives, and build connections to community resources to support you in meeting your goals. 

I focus my services on working with children and their families.  I see children from birth to five years old for family sessions and children from six to eighteen years old for individual and family sessions.  I also provide parent counseling for families struggling in their relationships due to parenting concerns or life transitions.


Preparing Your Child for Therapy: 

*Talk with them prior to session to let them know that there will be no physical examination, shots, or any other procedure they may have experienced with the doctor/dentist. 

*Let them know they are free to play with whatever toys are out.

*They will be asked a handful of questions, some of which may be difficult to talk about, they do not have to answer any of them if they do not want to.

*Talk with them that this is a safe place to talk about everything and help make the work better and feel better.

*Please feel free to bring snacks or drinks if needed.

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